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Today's topic No. 330


●SF-40180 THE NEW LOST CITY RAMBLERS『50 Years:Where Do You Come From? Where Do You Go?』CD3枚組\5,280-(本体\4,800-)
[Disc 1: 1958-1962]
Colored Aristocracy/Hopalong Peter/Don't Let Your Deal Go Down/When First Unto This Country/Sales Tax on the Women/Rabbit Chase/Leaving Home/How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?/Franklin D.Roosevelt's Back Again/I Truly Understand You Love Another Man/The Old Fish Song/The Battleship of Maine/No Depression in Heaven/Dallas Rag/Bill Morgan and His Gal/Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss/The Lady of Carlisle/Brown's Ferry Blues/My Long Journey Home/Talking Hard Luck/The Teetotals/Sal Got a Meatskin/Railroad Blues/On Some Foggy Mountain Top/My Sweet Farm Girl/Crow Black Chicken
[Disc 2: 1963-1973]
John Brown's Dream/Riding on That Train/The Titanic/Don't Get Trouble in Your Mind/Cowboy Waltz/Shut Up in the Mines of Coal Creek/Private John Q/Old Johnny Bucker Wouldn't Do/I've Always Been a Rambler/Automobile Trip through Alabama/Who Killed Poor Robin?/My Wife Died on Saturday Night/Little Satchel/Black Bottom Strut/The Cat's Got the Measles, the Dog's Got the Whooping Cough/Dear Okie/Smoketown Strut/The Little Girl and the Dreadful Snake/Fishing Creek Blues/'31 Depression Blues/Black Jack Daisy/Victory Rag/The Little Carpenter/On Our Turpentine Farm/Parlez-nous a Boire/Valse du Bambocheur/Old Joe Bone
[Disc 3]
Colored Aristocracy(The Rich Family)/Cluck Old Hen(Wade Crockett/Fields Ward)/Young Emily(Dellie Norton)/Going Down the River/Billy Grimes the Rover/Pretty Little Miss/Dark and Stormy Weather/Sioux Indians/Moonshiner/Long Lonesome Road/Cotton Eyed Joe/New White House Blues/Milwaukee Blues/Poor Old Dirt Farmer/Cady Hill(Sam & Kirk McGee/Arthur Smith)/I Belong to the Band(Rev. Gary Davis)/Freight Train(Elizabeth Cotten)/I'm Leaving You(Maybelle Carter/Sara Carter Bayes)/Walking Boss(Clarence Ashley)/Mother's Advice(Dock Boggs)/Hills of Mexico(Roscoe Holcomb)/Galax Rag(Kilby Snow)/Say Old Man, Can You Play a Fiddle?(Eck Robertson)/Awake, Awake(Dillard Chandler)/Bowling Green(Cousin Emmy)/Madeleine(Dewey Balfa/Allie Young/Rodney Balfa)/Fishing Creek Blues(Holly Tannen/Mack Benford/Eric Thompson/Hank Bradley/Jody Stecher)/Sally in the Garden(New Tranquility String Band & Friends)

 先頃、ジョン・コーエン(1932?2019)が亡くなって、マイク・シーカー(1933〜2009) トム・ペリー(1928〜2017)とオリジナル・メンバーの3人が鬼籍に入り、後から入ったトレイシー・シュワルツだけが残ったニュー・ロスト・シティ・ランブラーズの足跡を集大成した3枚組大作。


 ディスク1は91年発売の『The Early Years』、ディスク2は93年の『The Early Years, Vol.2:Out Standing in Their Field』の二枚のコンピレーション作品を収録、そしてディスク3には新編集でNLCRの作品と先人たちの音源が収められている。オールドタイムのリバイバリストとして後のミュージシャンに与えた影響は計り知れない。

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