SKFR-2020 CHERRYHOLMES『CHERRYHOLMES V:Don't Believe』CD \2,573-(本体\2,450-)

I Can Only Love You(So Much)/The King as a Babe Comes Down/Don't Believe/This Is My Son/Sumatra/My Love for You Grows/Goodbye/Bleeding/The Sailing Man/Broken/Devil in Disguise/Mansker Spree-O'Caughlin's ReelTraveler 全13曲
MP-0108 DON RENO & RED SMILEY『Bluegrass 1963』DVD \2,573-(本体\2,450-)

Love O'Love Please Come Home/Down Yonder/In the Pines/Home Sweet Home/Over in the Gloryland/Where Is That Chord/Bare Foot Nellie/Nine Pound Hammer/John Henry/Wouldn't Change You If I Could/Panhandle Country/Whispering Hope/Bill Bailey "Irving Sharp"/Arkansas Traveler/I'm Using My Bible for a Road Map/I' the Talk of the Town/Fisher's Hornpipe/I Know You're Married/Ballad of Jed Clampett/Patty on the Turnpike 全20曲
PC-110D V.A.『Bluegrass Jamboree』DVD \2,573-(本体\2,450-)

How Many Biscuits Can You Eat(Coon Creek Girls)/How Many Biscuits Can You Eat(New Coon Creek Girls)/Using My Bible for a Road Map(Don Reno & Red Smiley)/Kentucky Gold(The Reno Brothers)/Lee Highway Blues(Chubby Wise)/Orange Blossom Special(Chubby Wise)/Freight Train(Jim & Jesse McReynolds)/Dixie in the Dawn(The Larry Stephenson Band)/Rain Please Go Away(The Larry Stephenson Band)/You Were Born to Sing(The Larry Stephenson Band)/Country in My Genes(New Coon Creek Girls)/Silver Dew on the Bluegrass Tonight(Special Consensus)/Listening to the Rain(Special Consensus)/Irish Medley(Special Consensus)/Foggy Mountain Rock(The Osborne Brothers feat, Gene Wooten)/One Tear(The Osborne Brothers feat, Terry Eldredge)/Fastest Grass Alive(The Osborne Brothers)/Rocky Top(The Osborne Brothers) 全18曲
SHOUT10878 MARTY ROBBINS『Legendary Performances』DVD \2,888-(本体\2,750-)

Knee Deep in the Blues(1957)/The Same Two Lips(1957)/Nothing But Sweet Lies(1958)/Singing the Blues(1958)/The Story of My Life(1959)/El Paso(1965)/Devil Woman(1969)/Begging to You(1969)/My Woman, My Woman, My Wife(1970)/Ribbon of Darkness(1976)/Among My Souvenirs(1976)/A White Sport Coat and a Pink Carnation(1977)/Don't Worry(1977)/El Paso City(1978)/All Around Cowboy(1979) 全15曲80分

 カントリー・ミュージック・ホール・オヴ・フェイム&ミュージアムが収集してきた貴重な映像を編集、リリースしていこうというシリーズの第1弾は「ミスター・ティアドロプ」こと、マーティ・ロビンス編。カントリーの枠に収まることなく、ロカビリーやハワイアンそしてジャズまで、その見事なヴォーカルで圧倒的な存在感を示したマーティ・ロビンスの57年から79年までの映像集。グランド・オール・オープリのライヴやCMAアウォード・ショウでのパフォーマンス、自身のTVショウ、そして50年代後半の人気番組『Country Style USA』からの映像など、多様なソースから集められたのは、正統カントリー、泣きのバラードに得意のガンファイター・バラード、そしてロカビリーと、そのキャリアを見事にあらわした多彩な作品が楽しめる。

SHOUT10976 TAMMY WYNETTE『Legendary Performances』DVD \2,888-(本体\2,750-)

Don't Come Home A' Drinkin'(With Lovin' on Your Mind)(1967)/Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad(1967)/I Don't Wanna Play House(1967)/D-I-V-O-R-C-E(1968)/Stand by Your Man(1969)/Reach Out Your Hand(1972)/We Loved It Away(with George Jones, 1974)/Woman to Woman(1974)/'Til I Can Make It on My Own(1976)/Golden Ring(with George Jones, 1977)/You and Me(1977)/Near You(with George Jones, 1977)/He Was There(When I Needed You)(1982)/We're Gonna Hold on(with George Jones, 1982)/Cowboys Don't Shoot Straight(Like They Used to)(1981) 全15曲65分

 上記シリーズ第2弾は「ファースト・レディ・オヴ・カントリー・ミュージック」、タミー・ワイネット編。67年の初めてのナンバー・ワン・ヒット"I Don't Wanna Play House"を皮切りに数多くのヒットを連発し、CMTが選んだオールタイム・ナンバー・ワンソング"Stand by Your Man"などで新しい女性カントリー・シンガー像を確立すると共に、エピック・レコードのプロデューサーでもあったビリー・シェリルとのコンビでソングライターとしてもトップ・クラスの評価を得たという、素晴らしい才能の持ち主であった。69年にジョージ・ジョーンズと結婚してからは夫婦デュオでもヒットを連発、「キング&クイーン」とも称された(74年に離婚)。ここに収められたのはデビュー当初67年から81年まで、上記マーティ・ロビンス同様、オープリ・ライヴやCMAアウォード・ショウなどを中心に、ジョージ・ジョーンズとのデュオ4曲を含むヒット曲の数々。タミーならではの情感溢れるヴォーカルが見事。

UNI1779165 CHARLIE HADEN『Family & Friends:Rambling Boy』CD\2,573-(本体\2,450-)

Single Girl, Married Girl(feat The Haden Triplets)/Ramblin' Boy(feat Vince Gill)/20/20 Vision(feat Bruce Hornsby)/Wildwood Flower(feat Roseanne Cash)/Spiritual(feat Josh Haden)/Oh Take Me Back(feat Rachel & Tanya Haden)/You Win Again(feat Elvis Costello)/The Fields of Athenry(feat Petra Haden)/Ocean of Diamonds(feat Dan Tyminski)/He's Gone Away(feat Tanya Haden)/A Voice from on High(featThe Haden Triplets)/Down by the Salley Gardens(feat Ruth Cameron)/Road of Broken Hearts(feat Ricky Skaggs)/Is This America?(Katrina 2005)(feat Pat Metheny)/A Tramp on the Street(feat Rachel Haden)/Old Joe Clark(feat Jack Black)/Seven Year Blues(feat The Haden Triplets)/Old Haden Family Show(feat 2-year old Cowboy Charlie)/Shenandoah (feat Charlie Haden on Vocal) 全19曲

●JSP-7701 THE CARTER FAMILY『1927-1934』 CD5枚組\5,775-(本体\5,500-)

[DISC 1]
Bury Me Under The Weeping Willow/Little Log Cabin By The Sea/The Poor Orphan Child/The Storms Are On The Ocean/Single Girl, Married Girl/The Wandering Boy/Meet Me By The Moonlight, Alone/Little Darling, Pal Of Mine/Keep On The Sunny Side/Anchored In Love/John Hardy Was A Desperate Little Man/I Ain't Goin' To Work Tomorrow/Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone/River Of Jordan/Chewing Gum/Wildwood Flower/I Have No-One To Love Me(But The Sailor On The Deep BLue Sea)/Forsaken Love/Sweet Fern/My Clinch Mountain Home/God Gave Noah The Rainbow Sign/I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes/Little Moses/Lulu Wall/The Grave On The Green Hillside
[DISC 2]
Don't Forget This Song/The Foggy Mountain Top/Bring Back My Blue-Eyed Boy To Me/Diamonds In The Rough/Engine One-Forty-Three/The Homestead On The Farm/The Cyclone Of Rye Cove/Motherless Children/When The Roses Bloom In Dixieland/No Telephone In Heaven/Western Hobo/Carter's Blues/Wabash Cannonball/A Distant Land To Roam/Jimmie Brown The Newsboy/Kitty Waltz/Fond Affection/The Cannonball/The Lover's Farewell/There's Someone Awaiting For Me/The Little Log Hut In The Lane/When The Springtime Comes Again/When The World's On Fire/I Have An Aged Mother/Dying Soldier/Worried Man Blues
[DISC 3]
Lonesome Valley/On The Rock Where Moses Stood/Room In Heaven For Me/Lonesome Pine Special/No More The Moon Shines On Lorena/On My Way To Canaan's Land/Where Shall I Be?/Sow 'Em On The Mountain/Darling Nellie Across The Sea/The Birds Were Singing Of You/Weary Prodigal Son/My Old Cottage Home/When I'm Gone/Sunshine In The Mountain/Let The Church Roll On/Lonesome For You/Can't Feel At Home/Why There's A Tear In My Eye/The Wonderful City/Jimmie Rodgers Visits The Carter Family/The Carter Family And Jimmie Rodgers In Texas/'Mid The Green Fields Of Virginia/Happiest Days Of All/Picture On The Wall/Amber Tresses
[DISC 4]
I Never Loved But One/Tell Me That You Love Me/Where We'll Never Grow Old/We Will March Through The Streets Of The City/Sweet As The Flowers In Maytime/Will The Roses Bloom In Heaven/My Little Home In Tennessee/The Sun Of The Soul/If One Won't, Another One Will/Broken Hearted Love/Two Sweethearts/The Winding Stream/I Wouldn't Mind Dying/The Spirit Of Love Watches Over Me/The Church In The Wildwood/Give Me Roses While I Live/I Will Never Marry/On The Sea Of Galilee/Home By The Sea/I Loved You Better Than You Knew/This Is Like Heaven To Me/See That My Grave Is Kept Green/Over The Garden Wall/Gold Watch And Chain/Will My Mother Know Me There?
[DISC 5]
On A Hill Lone And Gray/Cowboy Jack/I'll Be All Smiles Tonight/Away Out On The Old Saint Sabbath/Happy Or Lonesome/One Little Word/Darling Daisies/The East Virginia Blues/Lovers Return/It'll Aggravate Your Soul/Hello Central! Give Me Heaven/I'm Working On A Building/You've Been Fooling Me, Baby/Longing For Old Virginia/March Winds Gonna Blow My Blues All Away/There'll Be Joy, Joy, Joy/Are You Tired Of Me, My Darling/My Heart's Tonight In Texas/There's No Hiding Place Down Here/Cowboy's Wild Song To His Herd/The Evening Bells Are Ringing/The Mountains Of Tennessee/I'll Be Home Some Day/Faded Coat Of Blue/Sailor Boy 全126曲

●JSP-7712 BILL MONROE『All The Classic Releases 1937-1949』 CD4枚組\5,775-(本体\5,500-)
My Long Journey Home/What Is Home Without Love/What Would You Give In Exchange?/Little Red Shoes/Nine Pound Hammer Is Too Heavy/On Some Foggy Mountain Top/Drifting Too Far From The Shore/In My Dear Old Southern Home/New River Train/This World Is Not My Home/Watermelon Hangin' On The Vine/On The Banks Of The Ohio/Do You Call That Religion?/God Holds The Future In His Hands/You've Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley/Six Months Ain't Long/Just A Song Of Old Kentucky/Don't Forget Me/I'm Going/Darling Corey/My Savior's Train/I Am Thinking Tonight Of The Old Folks/Dreamed I Searched Heaven For You/The Old Cross Road/The Forgotten Soldier Boy/We Read Of A Place That's Called Heaven/Will The Circle Be Unbroken/Saints Go Marching In/Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms/Where Is My Sailor Boy
[DISC 2:CHARLOTTE 1937-1938]
Am I Ready To Go/What Would The Profit Be/Some Glad Day/I Have Found The Way/I Am Going That Way/Kate Cline/Roll On Buddy/Weeping Willow Tree/I'll Live On/Oh Hide You In The Blood/What Would You Give In Exchange(Part 2)/On That Gospel Ship/What Would You Give In Exchange(Part 3)/Let Us Be Lovers Again/All The Good Times Are Passed And Gone/What Would You Give In Exchange(Part 4)/On My Way To Glory/My Last Moving Day/He Will Set Your Fields On Fire/Sinner You Better Get Ready/Have A Feast Here Tonight/Goodbye Maggie/Rollin' On/The Old Man's Story/I've Still Got Ninety Nine/Little Joe/A Beautiful Life/Pearly Gates/On My Way Back Home/When Our Lord Shall Come Again
[DISC 3:CHICAGO 1940-1946]
Mule Skinner Blues/No Letter In The Mail/Cryin' Holy Unto The Lord/Six White Horses/Dog House Blues/I Wonder If You Feel The Way I Do/Katy Hill/Tennessee Blues/Shake My Mother's Hand For Me/Were You There/Blue Yodel #7/The Coupon Song/Orange Blosoom Special/Honky Tonk Swing/In The Pines/Back Up And Push/Rocky Road Blues/Kentucky Waltz/True Life Blues/Goodbye Old Pal/Footprints In The Snow/Blue Grass Special/Heavy Traffic Ahead/Blue Moon Of Kentucky/Toy Heart
Summertime Is Past And Gone/Mansions For Me/Mother's Only Sleeping/Blue Yodel #4/Will You Be Loving Another Man/How Will I Explain About You/Wicked Path Of Sin/I'm Going Back To Old Kentucky/It's Mighty Dark To Travel/I Hear A Sweet Voice Calling/Little Cabin On The Hill/My Rose Of Old Kentucky/Blue Grass Breakdown/Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong/The Old Cross Roads/That Home Above/Remember The Cross/Little Community Church/Along About Daybreak/When You Are Lonely/Molly And Tenbrooks/Shine Hallelujah Shine/I'm Travelin' On And On/Can't You Hear Me Calling/Travelin' This Lonesome Road/Blue Grass Stomp/The Girl In The Blue Velvet Band 全112曲

 ビル・モンローのもっとも初期の録音を(ほぼ)集大成した、イギリス編集の廉価盤ボックス・セット。モンロー・ブラザーズでの60曲、ブルー・グラス・ボーイズでのヴィクター録音16曲、そしてレスター・フラット、アール・スクラッグス、チャビー・ワイズらを従えての、オリジナル・ブルーグラス・サウンドの完成をみた歴史的セッションを含むコロムビア録音36曲("Nobody Loves Me""Come Back to Me in My Dreams""Why Did You Wander?""Shine Hallelujah Shine"の4曲が何故かカットされている)を収録。コロムビアでの未発表曲や膨大なオルタネイト・テイクを収録したベア・ファミリー盤(6枚組BCD-16399\24,750)の完璧さには及ばないものの、この価格でこれだけしっかりとまとまった内容は推薦に価するだろう。
●JSP-7731 V.A.『Bluegrass Early Cuts 1931-1953』 CD4枚組\5,775-(本体\5,500-)
Disc 1
1. Jerry & Sky - Orange Blossom Special
2. Red Belcher & The Kentucky Ridgerunnrs - The Old Grey Goose
3. Red Belcher & The Kentucky Ridgerunners - Kentucky Is Only A Dream
4. Ronnie Knittel & Holston Valley Ramblers - Holston Valley Breakdown
5. John Reedy & His Stone Mountain Boys - Somebody Touched Me
6. Toby Stroud & The Blue Mountain Boys - Jesse James
7. Toby Stroud & The Blue Mountain Boys - Tragic Romance
8. Phebel Wright - Lint Head Stomp
9. Whitey & Hogan - Jesse James
10. L.C. Smith, Ralph Mayo & The Southern Mountain Boys - Radio Boogie
11. Colwell Brothers - Bluebonnet Lane
12. Rebe & Rabe - Mother, Sweet Mother
13. Rebe & Rabe - Helen
14. Shenandoah Valley Trio - Let Me Rest (At The End Of My Journey)
15. Stoney Cooper & Wilma Lee - This World Can't Stand Long
16. Stoney Cooper & Wilma Lee - Wicked Path Of Sin
17. Sauceman Brothers - Hallelujah, We Shall Rise
18. Lilly Brothers - They Sleep Together Now At Rest
19. Lilly Brothers - What Are They Doing In Heaven Today
20. Lonesome Pine Fiddlers - Pain In My Heart
21. Lonesome Pine Fiddlers - Lonesome, Sad And Blue
22. Lonesome Pine Fiddlers - Don't Forget Me
23. Lonesome Pine Fiddlers - Will I Meet Mother In Heaven?
24. Lonesome Pine Fiddlers - Dirty Dishes Blues
Disc 2
1. Lonesome Pine Fiddlers - You Broke Your Promise
2. Lonesome Pine Fiddlers - I'm Left Alone
3. Lonesome Pine Fiddlers - Nobody Cares (Not Even You)
4. Lonesome Pine Fiddlers - Twenty One Years
5. Lonesome Pine Fiddlers - Lonesome Pine Breakdown
6. Marvin Cobb, Frank Wakefiel & The Chain Mountain Boys - New Campdown Races
7. Frank Wakefield & Buster Turner - You're The One (I See In My Dreams)
8. Frank Wakefield & Buster Turner - Leave Well Enough Alone
9. Frank Hunter & His Black Mountain Boys - Long Time, No See
10. Pee Wee Lambert & Curley Parker With Their Pine Mountain Boys - Weary Hobo
11. Pee Wee Lambert & Curley Parker With Their P.M.Boys - Just A Memory
12. Hobo Jack Adkins - Going Back To Old Kentucky
13. Bailey Brothers & The Happy Vlley Boys - Rattlesnake Daddy
14. Sonny Osborne - I'm On My Way To The Old Home
15. Ted Lundy - I've Never Been So Lonesome
16. Connie & Babe - Roll On Blues
17. Connie & Babe - How Will The Flowers Bloom
18. Connie & Babe - The Last Love Letter
19. Connie & Babe - The Lonely Waltz
20. Buster Pack & His Lonesome Pine Boys - Better Late Than Never
21. Cecil Surratt & His West Virginia Ramblers - The Bright Crystal Sea
22. Cecil Surratt & His West Virginia Ramblers -Where Will You Spend Eternity
23. Hamm Brothers - He Saved My Soul
24. Hobo Jack Adkins - You Have Left Me Memories
Disc 3
1. Jim Eanes & His Shenandoah Valley Boys - Florida Blues
2. Jim Eanes & His Shenandoah Valley Boys - Blue Yodel #1
3. Jim Eanes & His Shenandoah Valley Boys - Missing In Action
4. Jim Eanes & His Shenandoah Valley Boys - Curtains Of Sorrow
5. Jim Eanes & His Shenandoah Valley Boys - Little Brown Hand
6. Jim Eanes & His Shenandoah Valley Boys - Down Among The Budded Roses
7. Jim Eanes & His Shenandoah Valley Boys - Tomorrow May Be Different
8. Roy Hall & His Blue Ridge Entertainers - Come Back Little Pal
9. Roy Hall & His Blue Ridge Entertainers - Wabash Cannonball
10. Roy Hall & His Blue Ridge Entertainers - Lonesome Dove
11. Roy Hall & His Blue Ridge Entertainers - Where The Roses Never Fade
12. Roy Hall & His Blue Ridge Entertainers - Natural Bridge Blues
13. Roy Hall & His Blue Ridge Entertainers - The Best Of Friends Must Part Sometime
14. Roy Hall & His Blue Ridge Entertainers - Polecat Blues
15. Roy Hall & His Blue Ridge Entertainers -I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
16. Roy Hall & His Blue Ridge Entertainers - Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die
17. Roy Hall & His Blue Ridge Entertainers - Can You Forgive
18. Roy Hall & His Blue Ridge Entertainers - Loving You Too Well
19. Roy Hall & His Blue Ridge Entertainers - 'Neath The Bridge At The Foot Of The Hill
20. Roy Hall & His Blue Ridge Entertainers - Little Sweetheart Come And Kiss Me
21. The Hall Brothers - Little Mohee
22. The Hall Brothers - The Wrong Road
23. The Rouse Brothers - Orange Blossom Special
24. The Morris Brothers - Salty Dog Blues
Disc 4
1. Byron Parker & His Mountaineers - Married Life Blues
2. Byron Parker & His Mountaineers - Up Jumped The Devil
3. Byron Parker & His Mountaineers - We Shall Rise
4. Byron Parker & His Mountaineers - C & N.W. Railroad Blues
5. Byron Parker & His Mountaineers - Carroll County Blues
6. Byron Parker & His Mountaineers - Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar
7. J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers - Concord Rag
8. J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers - Don't Get Trouble In Your Mind
9. J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers - Drunkard's Hiccoughs
10. J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers - Blue Ridge Mountain Blues
11. J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers - Johnson's Old Grey Mule
12. J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers - Maple On The Hill
13. J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers - Seven And A Half
14. Wade Mainer & The Sons Of The Mountaineers - Short Life And It's Trouble
15. Wade Mainer & The Sons Of The Mountaineers - Wild Bill Jones
16. Wade Mainer & The Sons Of The Mountaineers - Lonely Tombs
17. Wade Mainer & The Sons Of The Mountaineers -Poor Drunkard's Dream
18. Wade Mainer & The Sons Of The Mountaineers - I Won't Be Worried
19. Wade Mainer & The Sons Of The Mountaineers - Ramshackle Shack
20. Wade Mainer & The Sons Of The Mountaineers - Old Reuben
21. Wade Mainer & The Sons Of The Mountaineers - Don't Leave Me Alone
22. Wade Mainer & The Sons Of The Mountaineers - You May Forsake Me
23. Wade Mainer & The Sons Of The Mountaineers - Rambling Boy
24. Buster Carter & Preston Young - I'll Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms

 イギリスの廉価盤リイシュー専門レーベルからのアーリー・ブルーグラス/オールドタイムのコンピレーション。特に注目はディスク1と2、かつてラウンダーから『Early Days of Bluegrass』シリーズとしてLP発売されていた、スモール・レーベルの貴重な音源が多数含まれている。ブルーグラス草創期、猥雑なまでにエネルギーに満ち溢れていた時代の(当時は)無名の、しかし、ブルーグラスという新しい音楽に限りない情熱をもってぶつかっていたミュージシャンたちの熱い思いがひしひしと伝わってくる。
●JSP-77110 V.A.『Rare Bluegrass; Independent Label Sides 1951-1954』CD4枚組\5,775-(本体\5,500-)
Disc: 1
1. Just Let Me Fall - Larry Richardson / Happy Smith
2. I'm Lonesome - Happy Smith
3. Highway 220 - Dee Stone & His Virginia Mountain Boys
4. Countin' The Days - Dee Stone & His Virginia Mountain Boys
5. Long Journey Home - Jim Eanes / His Shennandoah Valley Boys
6. Returned From Missing In Action - Jim Eanes / His Shennandoah Valley Boys
7. You're Still The Rose Of My Heart - The Church Brothers & Their Blue Ridge Ramblers
8. Three Nights In A Bar Room - Wade Mainer / The Mountaineers
9. Blue Ridge Mountain Blues - Wade Mainer / The Mountaineers
10. Pilot Mountain Rag - Dee Stone & His Virginia Mountain Boys
11. No Room In Your Life For My Now - Dee Stone & His Virginia Mountain Boys
12. I Won't Write Another Letter To You Darlin - I.W. & Harold & the Carolina Neighbors
13. So Lonely For Moather And Dad - Jimmy Janney / The Stoney Mountain Boys
14. There'll Be No Wedding Bells For Me - Joe Franklin & His Mimosa Boys
15. The Burglar Man - Bill Clifton
16. A Flower Blooming In The Wildwood - Bill Clifton
17. All The Good Times Are Past And Gone - Bill Clifton
18. Wake Up Susan - Bill Clifton
19. Don't That Moon Look Lonesome - The Black Mountain Boys / Betty Harper
20. I'm Lonesome Tonight - The Black Mountain Boys / Betty Harper
21. An Angel With Blue Eyes - The Church Brothers & Their Blue Ridge Ramblers
22. When Jesus Calls You Home - The Church Brothers & Their Blue Ridge Ramblers
23. A Sweeter Love Than Yours I'll Never Know - Jim Eanes / His Shennandoah Valley Boys
24. Drunkard's Highway - Jim Eanes / His Shennandoah Valley Boys
25. Way Down In Ole' Caroline - The Church Brothers & Their Blue Ridge Ramblers
Disc: 2
1. Preaching & Praying - Red Allen
2. Paul & Silas - Red Allen
3. Boat Of Love - Red Allen
4. Bouquet In Heaven - Red Allen
5. Mansions For Me - Red Allen
6. White Dove - Red Allen
7. Down In The Willow Garden - Red Allen
8. Ho, Honey, Ho - Red Allen
9. Sing, Sing, Sing - Virginia Trio
10. Let Me Travel Alone - Virginia Trio
11. I'll Fly Away - Virginia Trio
12. God Put A Riainbow In The Cloud - Virginia Trio
13. Are You Missing Me - Jesse McReynolds / Jim McReynolds
14. I'll Wash Your Love From My Heart - Jesse McReynolds / Jim McReynolds
15. What Would The Profit Be? - Ray Anderson
16. When The Saints Go Marching In - Ray Anderson
17. River Of Death - Enos Johnson / Sonny Osborne
18. I'll Meet You In Church Sunday Morning - Enos Johnson / Sonny Osborne
19. I'm On The Way To The Old Home - Enos Johnson / Sonny Osborne
20. Sugar Coated Love - Enos Johnson / Sonny Osborne
21. I'll Stay Around - Sonny Osborne
22. Letter From My Darling - Sonny Osborne
23. Where The Soul Never Dies - Renfro Family
24. Power in The Blood - Renfro Family
25. Black Mountain Rag - Billy Thomas
Disc: 3
1. Black Mountain Rag - Glenn Eaves / The Grayson County Boys / Glenn Neaves
2. Old Swinging Bridge - Glenn Eaves / The Grayson County Boys
3. When We Say Goodbye - Scotty & Tar Heel Ruby
4. Square Dance Rag - Ted Prillaman's Virginia Ramblers / Dee Stone
5. Answer To Little Pal - Ted Prillaman's Virginia Ramblers / Dee Stone
6. Mountain Swing - Ted Prillaman's Virginia Ramblers / Dee Stone
7. Is There Any Harm To Dream - Ted Prillaman's Virginia Ramblers / Dee Stone
8. Fiddler's Dream - Ted Prillaman's Virginia Ramblers / Dee Stone
9. Tell Me Truly Little Darling - The Brammer Brothers / The Virginia Partners
10. Virginia Waltz - The Brammer Brothers / The Virginia Partners
11. Mother Won't Grow Old So Soon - Bowes Brothers
12. Stop Knocking On My Door - Bowes Brothers
13. The Church Of God - The Rocky Mountain Boys
14. You'll Always Be My Blue-Eyed Darling - Fred Murphy & the Blue River Boys
15. I Want to Be Ready - Fred Murphy & the Blue River Boys
16. I'm Lost Without You - Dee Stone & His Melody Hillbillies
17. Heads You Win Tails I Lose - Dee Stone & His Melody Hillbillies
18. Holston Valley Breakdwon - Holston Valley Ramblers / Ronnie Knittel
19. I Can Thank My Lucky Stars - Holston Valley Ramblers / Ronnie Knittel
20. Somebody Touched Me - John Reedy & His Stone Mountain Hillbillys
21. A White Cross Marks The Grave - Carl Sauceman & His Green Valley Boys
22. I'll Be An Angel Too - Carl Sauceman & His Green Valley Boys
23. Too Many Blues - Johnny & Jack
24. All Night Long - Turner Brothers
25. Piney Woods - The Massey Family
Disc: 4
1. 8Th Of January - Henry Hudson / Jiggs Hibler
2. Cripple Creek - Henry Hudson / Jiggs Hibler
3. Culloeka - Rainbow Valley Boys
4. Broken Hearts Mean Nothing To You - Rainbow Valley Boys
5. Come Along To Glory - Hughie & June
6. Reunion Day In Heaven - Hughie & June
7. Single Girl, Married Girl - Noah Crase / Dave Woolum
8. I Ain't Gonna Let Her Do It Anymore - Noah Crase / Dave Woolum
9. Maple On The Hill - Dave Woolum
10. Rolling Stone - Dave Woolum
11. Thirty Pieces Of Silver - Wilburn Curtis
12. Home Sweet Home - Hack Johnson & His Tennesseans
13. How About You Friend - Hack Johnson & His Tennesseans
14. Gone Home - Hack Johnson & His Tennesseans
15. Swanee River - Hack Johnson & His Tennesseans
16. Crazy Banjoy Medley - Hack Johnson & His Tennesseans
17. Allen's Dream - Allen Shelton
18. Old Kenturcky Home - Allen Shelton
19. Orange Blossom Special - North Carolina Ridge Runners
20. You Were Only Teasing Me - Alex Campbell
21. The Bloom Has Left The Rose - Bill & Mary Reid
22. Little Girl Go Tell Your Mama - Bill Garay / John Garay
23. Come Back Little Pal - Bill Garay / John Garay
24. Revelation 1:18 - Ernest Martin
25. Sugar Coated Love - Ernest Martin

 ビル・モンローとフラット&スクラッグスがブルーグラスという音楽スタイルを確立した1946年 からまだ10年も経たないうちに録音された、いわゆるアーリー・ブルーグラス録音には、現在の技術 偏重とはほど遠いアーティスト達が生身でモンローらの信じられないテクニックに体ごとぶつ かっていくさまが生々しく収められている。全100曲の最初の2曲は、そう!やっぱ、ラリー・リ チャードソンだ。そのあと、ディー・ストーンやジム・イーンズ、チャーチ・ブラザーズや若かりしビ ル・クリフトンら、ブルー・リッジ・レーベルに録音された名演が一杯。2枚目にはレッド・アレン が8曲、ジム&ジェシーのバージニア・トリオが6曲、イノス・ジョンソンとソニー・オズボーンが6 曲他。3枚目にはフォークスター/ミューチュアル・レーベルのグレン・ニーヴスやカール・ソース マンほか、4枚目はさらに小さなレーベルなどのハック・ジョンソンやアレン・シェルトンなど、全 100曲にブルーグラスの技術を越えた活力と、これぞブルーグラスというメロディーの数々が刻み込 まれている。
BACM-181 KITTY WELLS I'll Be All Smiles Tonight CD \2,888- (本体\1,750-)

Love Or Hate/ Don't Wait The Last Minute To Pray/ My Mother/ Make Up Your Mind/ I'll Be All Smiles Tonight/ I Don't Want Your Money I Want Your Time/ Things That Might Have Been/ Divided By Two/ You're Not Easy To Forget/ I Heard The Juke Box Playing/ The Honky Tonk Waltz/ I Hope My Divorce Is Never Granted/ Searching For A Soldier's Grave/ I'm Too Lonely To Smile/ Cheatin's A Sin/ There's Poison In Your Heart/ You Said You Could Do Without Me/ A Wedding Ring Ago/ The Life They Live In Songs/ I'm In Love With You/ They Can't Take Your Love/ He's Married To Me/ Hey Joe/ I'd Rather Stay Home/ Goodbye Mr. Brown/ Crying Steel Guitar Waltz

BACM-166 PORTER WAGONER Dig That Crazy Moon CD \2,888- (本体\1,750-)

I Can't Live With You I Can't Live Without You/ Bringing Home The Bacon/ Takin' Chances/ That's It/ Trademark/ Dig That Crazy Moon/ Bad News Travels Fast/ My Bonfire/ Tricks Of The Trade/ Hey Maw/ I Like Girls/ I'm Stepping Out Tonight/ How Quick/ A Beggar For Your Love/ Let's Squiggle/ Living In The Past/ A Good Time Was Had By All/ How Can You Refuse Him Now/ Tryin' To Forget The Blues/ I've Known You From Somewhere/ Seeing Her Only Reminded Me Of You/ I Guess I'm Crazy/ Born To Lose/ Ivory Tower/ Flame Of Love

BACM-165 TOMMY COLLINS Think It Over Boys CD \2,888- (本体\1,750-)

Let Me Love You/ I Always Get A Souvenir/ High On A Hilltop/ Let Down/ Boob I Lak/ No Love Have I/ That's The Way Love Is/ I Love You More And More Each Day/ I'll Be Gone/ There'll Be No Other/ Wait A Little Longer/ What Kind Of Sweetheart Are You/ I Wish I Had Died In My Cradle/ Love A Me S'il Vous Plait/ Those Old Love Letters From You/ A Man We Ought To Know/ Feet Of The Traveler/ Smooth Sailin'/ I'll Always Speak Well Of You/ Think It Over Boys/ I Think Of You Yet/ Are You Ready To Go/ Upon This Rock/ I Guess I'm Crazy/ Untied
BACM-154 WILMA LEE & STONEY COOPER On The Banks Of The River CD D \2,888- (本体\2,750-)

Thirty Pieces Of Silver/ Moonlight On West Virginia/ No One Now/ On The Banks Of The River/ The White Rose/ Faded Love/ Golden Rocket/ Walking My Saviour Up Calvary Hill/ All On Account Of You/ Stoney (Are You Mad At Your Gal)/ Sunny Side Of The Mountain/ You Tried To Ruin My Name/ I Cried Again/ You Can't Feel The Way I Do/ Bamboozled/ Can You Forget/ Each Season Changes You/ Just A While/ How It Hurts To Cry Alone/ We Make A Lovely Couple/ This Crazy, Crazy World/ I've Been Cheated Too
BACM-043 HOMER & JETHRO Ground Hog -- CD \2,888- (本体\2,750-)

Boll Weevil/ Rye Whiskey/ Always/ Margie/ Sympathy-Symphony/ Night And Day/ Poor Little Liza Poor Girl/ Cielito Lindo/ Don’t Let Your Sweet Love Die/ Five Minutes More/ Ground Hog/ Bill Bailey Won’t You Please Come Home/ I’m Glad I Waited For You/ Fly Birdie Fly/ I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now/ Blue Tailed Fly/ I’ll Close My Eyes/ Donkey Serenade/ It Bruised Her Somewhat/ I Feel Old Age Creeping On/ Goodbye Old Booze/ Don’t Telephone, Don’t Telegraph/ When It’s Long Handle Time In Tennessee/ Glow Worm/ All Night Long
BACM-058 ESCO HANKINS Rising Sun -- CD \2,888- (本体\2,750-)

A Daddy’s Lullaby/ All The World Is Lonely Now/ Rising Sun/ Waiting For My Call To Glory/ An Angel Smiles When Mother Smiles At Me/ Beneath That Lonely Mound Of Clay/ Fireball Mail/ I’m Building A Home/ Glory Bound Train/ Branded Wherever I Go/ I’m Praying For The Day When Peace Will Come/ Wreck On The Highway/ Low And Lonely/ No One Will Ever Know/ Please Forgive Me/ Streamlined Cannonball/ Sweeter Than The Flowers/ World Of Sorrow/ Things That Might Have Been/ Wait For The Light To Shine/ Precious Jewel/ What Good Will It Do

 Knoxville-born Hankins had a voice a lot like Roy Acuff’s, and made his early career covering Acuff’s hits. (He later went on to make some fine gospel records with his wife Jackie, owned a record store in Lexington, KY, and was a noted DJ). This 22-song package contains all of his King and Mercury recordings, which feature a fiddle and dobro and have generally more of a “down home” sound than even the Acuff originals. Young Uncle Josh playing dobro for few songs.
REB-1828 KENNY & AMANDA SMITH BAND『Live and Learn』CD \2,573-(本体\2,450-)

Changing/Rambler's Blues/Do the Best You Can/Drive That Fast/Randall Collins/Cruel Willie/Just One More Time/I'd Jump the Mississippi/Words You Use/You're Gonna See Me Shine/Icicle Canyon/Heartbreak Express/Man Looks on the Outside 全13曲
REB-1830 PAUL WILLIAMS『What a Journey』CD \2,573-(本体\2,450-)

Back to the Old Home/What a Journey/Sinner Don't Wait/There's a Miracle Everywhere You Go/I'll Be Young Again/My Mother's Bible/I Went Down a Beggar But I Came up a Millionaire/Come and Dine/What a Homscoming Day/Beyond the Vast Horizon/Don't Worry About Me/Hid Away with God/Hallelujah Morning 全13曲
●NF-906-5 ALAN SENAUKE『Wooden Man; Old Songs from the Southern School』CD\2,888-(本体\2,750-)

ニューヨークのフィクション・ブラザーズとして、カントリー・クッキングとの名作で知られるアラン・ セノーキの最新作。マーティー・カトラーやビル・エバンス、ジョディー・ステッカーやケイト・ブリ スリン、エリック&スージー・トムプソンらの西海岸在住の大ベテランたち、すなわち、都会出身の ミュージシャンが「南部から学んだ古い曲」をブルーグラスにこだわらず、自由に愛情一杯に演じる奥深い トラッドグラス作品。
☆☆ケンタッキー・マンドリン 商社決算大セール!!☆☆


 TOP - Solid Spruce
SIDE - Solid Maple
BACK- Solid Maple
NECK- Maple
F.Board- Rosewood
AC-1000 ドレッドノートギター用
AC-1002 OO/クラシックギター用
AC-1003 OOO/フォークギター用



●COL-53908 BILL MONROE "16 Gems" CD\2,363-(本体\2,250-)

Kentucky Waltz/True Life Blues/Good-Bye Old Pal/Bluegrass Special/Heavy TraficAhead/I'm Going Back to Old Ky/Bluegrass Breakdown/Can't You Hear Me Calling 他全16曲

●B000442402 BILL MONROE『Definitive Collection』CD\2,079-(本体\1,980-)
Jimmy Brown the Newsboy/I Saw the Light/Scotland/Walls of Time/Kentucky Waltz/Uncle Pen 他全22曲
 数多いビル・モンロー・ベスト集にまた1枚、曰く『決定版コレクション』と。たしかに、1950年の"Blue Moon of Kentucky"から1980年代にシングル・ヒットした"My Last Days on Earth"まで、代表曲全22曲で廉価版、モンロー入門編としてお勧めである。

MVDV-4577 BILL MONROE『Father of Bluegrass Music』DVD+BOOKセット期間限定特別価格\3,675-(本体\2,650-)各 単体DVD\2,783-BOOK\1,995-

 ビル・モンロー(1911-1996)がすべてを語る必携名作DVDが再発売。故ジョン・ハートフォードと、 ビル・モンローの農場でのインタビューを軸に、レスター・フラット、エミルー・ハリス、ポール・マッ カートニー、オズボーン・ブラザーズ、ドリー・パートン、リッキー・スキャッグス、マーティ・ステュ アート、そしてデル・マッカーリー/ビル・キース/チャビー・ワイズのブルー・グラス・ボーイズ・ リユニオンなどの超貴重な演奏、ジェリー・ガルシアやロイ・エイカフのインタビューなど、日本語/ 英語併記の完全対訳本(BOOK-27 \1,995-)とともに、20世紀の偉大なアメリカ音楽家の生涯を再訪しま しょう。感動です!! 必見必携のDVD!!!

●HL-690310 BILL MONROE『16 Gems』TabBook \2,888-(本体\2,750- )

ビル・モンローの、オリジナル・ブルーグラス・バンドを含む、あまりにも有名なコロムビア録音からの16曲=同名アルバム『16 Gems』(Col-53908 CD\2363-)のマンドリン・ブレイクを、ブッチ・バルダサリとロブ・ヘインズが採譜した楽譜とタブ譜に、ボーカル・パートの楽譜(ソロ、デュオ、トリオ、カルテットの各パート含む)も掲載した秀作である。
●COL-92801 LESTER FLATT & EARL SCRUGGS『Foggy Mountain Jamboree』 CD \2,079 -(本体\1,980-)

Flint Hill Special/Some Old Day/Earl's Breakdown/Jimmie Brown, the Newsboy/Foggy Mountain Special/It Won't Be Long/Shuckin' the Corn/Blue Ridge Cabin Home/Randy Lynn Rag/Your Love Is Like a Flower/Foggy Mountain Chimes/On My Mind/Dear Old Dixie/Pray for the Boys/Reunion in Heaven 全15曲
フラット&スクラッグスの大名盤、多くのシングル盤からセレクトして、彼らの初めてのLPとして57年に発売された作品の、本家コロムビアからの発売。ブルーグラス60年の歴史で、「これがブルーグラスだ」のアルバムを1枚だけ選ぶとしたら、間違いなく最有力候補となるであろう究極のブルーグラス・アルバム。レスターの絶妙の節回しとカーリー・セクラーとの例えようのないデュエット、バンジョーという楽器のすべてを知り尽くしたアールの表現力、ドブロというノヴェルティ・インストゥルメントを完璧なアンサンブルに昇華したフォギー・マウンテン・ボーイズの見事な呼吸。日本ブルーグラスの黎明期、ここに収められた名曲の数々が多くのプレイヤー、リスナーを育てた、そんな思い出も貴重な、文字通りの『名盤』である。本家からの発売に際して、同時期に録音された"On My Mind""Dear Old Dixie""Pray for the Boys"の3曲がボーナス・トラックとして収録されている。
● UNI-170187 FLATT & SCRUGGS 『The Best of Flatt & Scruggs:20th Century Masters, The Millennium Collection』CD \2,079 -(本体\1,980-)

Foggy Mountain Breakdown/My Cabin In Caroline/Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms/Baby Blue Eyes/Old Salty Dog Blues/I'll Just Pretend/Pike County Breakdown/Doin' My Time/God Loves His Children/Farewell Blues/Take Me In A Lifeboat/We'll Meet Again Sweetheart 全12曲
●UNI-170222 THE STANLEY BROTHERS『20th Century Masters:The Millenium Collection: The Best of the Stanley Brothers』CD\2079-(本体\1,980-)
Who Will Call You Sweetheart/Our Last Goodbye/(Say)Won't You Be Mine/A Voice from on High/Baby Girl/Daybreak In Dixie/Angel Band 他全12曲
 600万枚のセールスを記録したモンスター・アルバム『O Brother, Where Art Thou?』(UNI-170069 CD\2,650-)、その中で、実はもっとも印象的だったのが、映画ではエンディングのクレ ジット・ロールにかぶって流れてきたスタンレー・ブラザーズの"Angel Band"だった。今作は、そのスタンレーズのマーキュリー時代の名 演、名唱12曲集。1953年から57年、ロックンロールに押し流された厳しい状況の中、研ぎ澄ま されたスタンレー・スタイルのブルーグラスを完成させたカーターとラルフの足跡が改めて浮き彫 りにされる。
How Mountain Girls Can Love/Think of What You've Done/Heaven Seemed So Near/Love Me Darling, Just Tonite/Clinch Mtn. Backstep 他全12曲
 スタンレー・ブラザーズのもっとも有名な曲の数々 が収められた1959年作、キング・レコード移籍第1弾。1966年に亡くなったカーター・スタンレーと弟ラルフ のスタンレー・ブラザーズ、その全盛期については諸説があるが、本作はまぎれもなく、スタンレー・ブラザー ズの典型的なサウンドを集約した大名盤である。
●ROU-0608 GRASCALS『Keep on Walkin'』CD\2,573-(本体\2,450-)
●REB-1825 JUNIOR SISK & RAMBLERS CHOICE『Blue Side Of The Blue Ridge』\2,573-(本体2,450-)
●JSP-77110『V.A,/AUTHENTIC RARE BLUEGRASS』 4CDSJSP-7731 4CD \5,775(本体\5,500)
●MIKE SEEGER『Early Southern Guitar Sounds』CD\2,573-(本体\2,450-)
『第19回 インターナショナル・ブルーグラス・ミュージック・アワード・ショー』ノミネート作品です。 御買い逃し無き様!!
●ROU-0608 GRASCALS『Keep on Walkin'』CD\2,573-(本体\2,450-)
●ROU-0588 DOYLE LAWSON & QUICKSILVER『More Behind the Picture Than the Wall』CD\2,573-(本体\2,450-)
●ROU-0592 RHONDA VINCENT『Good Thing Going』CD\2,573-(本体\2,450-)
●ROU-0594 BLUE HIGHWAY『Through The Window of a Train』CD\2,573-(本体\2,450-)
●SH-4043 INFAMOUS STRINGDUSTERS CD\2,573-(本体\2,450-)
●ROU-0586 DAN TYMINSKI『Wheels』CD\2,573-(本体\2,450-)
●ROU-0586 DANNY PAISLEY & SOUTHERN GRASS『The Room Over Mine』CD\2,573-(本体\2,450-)
●ROU-0598 THE STEELDRIVERS『The SteelDrivers』CD\2,573-(本体\2,450-)
●DREAD-0701 DAVID GRIER『Live At The Linda, David Grier』\2,888(本体\2,750)
●PC-6512 JASON BARIE『The Past Is Present』CD\2,573-(本体\2,450-)
●COMP-4459 RUSS BARENBERG『When At Last』 CD\2,573-(本体\2,450-)