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Bill Clifton has taken bluegrass music around the world, uniting folk and country music, and preserving songs and styles that might otherwise have been forgotten. Although born into a wealthy Maryland family, he always loved early country music, in particular the Carter Family and other musicians of the rural South. Starting at a time when music was mostly passed down within families, Bill realized that change was on the horizon and decided to preserve some of the early country songs in what became known as "The Bill Clifton Song Book -150 Old Time Folk and Gospel Songs". He did it first and he did it because it needed to be done.

In the Fifties and Sixties, Bill Clifton's warm, accessible voice linked the traditional Southern music he loved and the new musicians who were to change the music in the future. He organized the first ever bluegrass festival in Luray, Virginia, in 1961, and was a founding director for the '63 Newport Folk Festival. Most importantly, he took the music abroad. His influence on musicians and fans around the world cannot be overestimated. He lived in western Europe and in Asia, traveled eastern Europe, Australia, and Africa, doing more than anyone else to spread bluegrass and traditional country music around the world.

This 8 CD-box contains more than 225 recordings from 1954 - 1991, among them are Bill Clifton's original Blue Ridge, Starday, Decca, Kapp, and Elf recordings. Plus, as a special bonus, there's the legendary and ultra-rare Musikladen recordings with Alexis Korner, "I Saw The Light". The set contains an LP-sized book including many previously unseen photographs, a biography by Rienk Janssen, and a complete discography by Richard Weize.

Burglar Man/Flower Blooming In The Wildwood/Bury Me Beneath The Willow/Down Where The River Bends/Wake Up Susan/Leaning On The Everlasting Arms/Railroading On The Great Divide/Take Back The Heart/Gathering Flowers From The Hillside/All The Good Times Are Past And Gone/Pal Of Yesterday/Little White Washed Chimney/Lonely Heart Blues/Take Back The Heart/When You Kneel At Mother's Grave/All The Good Times Are Past And Gone/Gathering Flowers From The Hillside/Little White Washed Chimney/Railroading On The Great Divide/Take Back The Heart/Little White Washed Chimney/Pal Of Yesterday/Lonely Heart Blues/Mary Dear/Dixie Ramble/Livin' The Right Life/Cedar Grove/Blue Ridge Mountain Blues
You'll Go To Your Church/Are You Alone/Another Broken Heart/When You Kneel At Mother's Grave/Corey/Dixie Mountain Express/When Autumn Leaves Begin To Fall/Walking In My Sleep/Dixie Darling/Springhill Disaster/The Girl I Left In Sunny Tennessee/You Don't Think About Me When I'm Gone/I'll Wander Back Someday/You Don't Think About Me When I'm Gone/Mail Carrier's Warning/Little Darling Pal Of Mine/Railroading On The Great Divide/Bed On The Floor/Give Me Your Love And I'll Give You Mine/Little Joe/March Winds/No Hiding Place Down Here/Old Cottage Home/Green Fields Of Virginia/Give Me The Roses/In The Land Where We'll Never Grow Old/Light In Your Soul/Mother Will Be Waiting There/Are You Lonesome Tonight/Bring Back My Blue Eyed Boy To Me
Stern Old Bachelor/I'll Be All Smiles Tonight/My Clinch Mountain Home/Cannonball Blues/I'll Be All Smiles Tonight/My Clinch Mountain Home/March Winds/Bring Back My Blue Eyed Boy To Me/I'm Rolling On/No Hiding Place Down Here/There's A Star Spangled Banner/A White Cross Marks The Grave/Spanish Flandango/Jimmy Will Be Slain/Drink Your Glasses Dry/The Battle Of Quebec/This Old Cold War/The Sinking Of The Maine/I Want To Go Home/The Sailor On The Deep Blue Sea/Faded Coat Of Blue/Uniforms Of Grey/Tim/San Juan Hill/The Marine's Hymn/Uniforms Of Grey/Standing Outside/Columbus Stockade Blues
Going Back To Dixie/Mother Still Prays For You/Moonshiner/Just A Smile/Lonely Little Cabin/Dream Of The Miner's Child/Groundhog Hunt/Engine 23/Jim Hatfield's Son/Saturday Night/Lonesome For You/Lazy Courtship/Across The Shining River/Roll The Cotton Down/Take Me Back/Lonesome Field/Little Green Valley/When I Lay My Burdens Down/At My Window/Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar/Where The Willow Gently Sways/When I'm With You/My Nights Are Lonely/Lamp In The Window/Louis Collins/I'll Be Satisfied/Old Ruben/My Cindy Girl/Dixie Ramble(Bluegrass Ramble)
Bringing Mary Home/Big Bill/Beatle Crazy/Little Girl Dressed In Blue/Jug Of Punch/Keep That Wheel A-Turning/Baby Lie Easy/Green To Gray/Mother Where Is Your Daughter Tonight/Prisoner's Dream/Sweet Fern/Forsaken Love/Sales Tax On The Women/Peach Pickin' Time In Georgia/Hobo Bill's Last Ride/Intoxicated Rat/Methodist Pie/When They Baptized Sister Lucy Lee/When The Work's All Done This Fall/Mark's Tune/Happy Days/Two Sweethearts/The Storms Are On The Ocean/Sunny Side Of The Mountain/Dust On The Bible/Ranger's Command/Charles Guiteau/Chilly Scenes Of Winter/Gathering Up The Shells From The Sea-Shore

Blue Eyed Elaine/Come By The Hills/Fast Express/Going Down The Valley/Going To Scotland/Honey I'm Rambling Away/I Love You Best/I've Got My One Way Ticket/Little Poplar Log House On The Hill/Mark's Tune/There's A Little Pine Log Cabin/This World Can't Stand Long/Pretty Flowers/Happy Days/I'll Be True While You're Gone/I Wonder If You Feel The Way I Do/Love And Wealth/Plant Some Flowers By My Graveside/Remember Me/Shame On You/Silence Or Tears/We Parted By The Riverside/When The Springtime Comes Again/Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown/Won't It Be Wonderful There
The Musikladen RecordingsWalking In My Sleep(& The Echo Mountain Band)/Sunny Side Of Life(& The Echo Mountain Band)/Lonely Heart Blues(& The Echo Mountain Band)/I Saw The Light(& Alexis Korner)
BILL CLIFTON & RED RECTORAre You From Dixie/Ashdown Waltz/Dixie Cannonball/Down In My Old Cabin Home/Fourteen Days In Georgia/It Takes A Long Tall Brown Skin Gal To Make A Preacher Lay His Bible Down/Keep That Wheel A-Turning/On The Sea Of Galilee/She Has Forgotten/Sugartree Stomp/Tall Pines/The Old Man's Story/There's No Other Love For Me/The Spirit Of Love Watches Me/Valley Of Peace/You're My Best Friend
BILL CLIFTONBlue Dreams/Country Is A Feeling In Your Soul/From Jerusalem To Jericho/I Need The Prayers Of Those I Love/Let Me Make You Smile Again/Maybe You Will Miss Me When I'm Gone/Night In June/Over The Hill/Rainin' On The Mountain/Six Bells/When Autumn Leaves Begin To Fall/Will The Angels Have A Sweetheart/Jumpin' Old Rattler
Silver Bell/Darling Nellie Gray/Plumtree Cakewalk/Gray Dawn/Liberty/This Land Is Your Land/Under The Double Eagle/Mist Over Poor Valley/Celebration/Tea At Half-Five/Wildwood Flower/Gathering Up The Shells From The Sea-Shore/Barefoot Days/Beautiful/Where The Rainbow Finds Its End/Mississippi Sawyer/Somebody's Waiting For You/First Ole Restless Wind/Kitty And I/My Blue Ridge Mountain Home/Be On Time/Come Be My Rainbow/Sunshine And Rain/Winkin' At Me/Southern Moon/Silver Dew On The Bluegrass Tonight/Waltzing With Bears