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1/23/2001 T.Uno

WANGO、OLD HOMESTEAD、CROSSCUTなど、極めてマイナーな動きを続けているレーベルからの、オールド・ファンならずとも見過ごしには出来ない、注目に値する再発・初CD化のアルバムが出揃いました。要チェック!!!

●DON RENO & CHARLIE MOORE 『Bluegrass Legends "Together"』 WANGO-112 \2,750
Ridin' On That Midnight Train/Why Not Confess/As Long As I Live(cut 1)/I Wonder Where You Are Tonight/It's Mighty Dark To Travel/Highway Of Sorrow/Love Please Come Home/The Quilting Party/Darlin' Nellie Gray/Remember Me/As Long As I Live(cut 2)/The Picture On The Wall/I Dreamed I Searched Heaven For You/Keep On The Firing Line/From The Manger To The Cross 全15曲

●DON RENO 『Profile』 WANGO-111 \2,750

Salty Dog Blues/Grey Eagle Hornpipe/Little Maggie/Down Yonder/Sunnyside Of The Mountain/Don't Let Your Deal Go Down/I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail/Back Up & Push/Mary Of The Wild Moor/Flop Eared Mule/Darlin' Little Joe/Red Wing/Mom's Faded Old Sunbonnet/Old Spinning Wheel/Dreaming Of A Little Cabin/Silver Threads Among The Gold/I'm Coming Back(But I Don't Know When)/Each Minute Seems A Million Years/Oh How I Miss You/Remember Me/I've Just Got To See You Once More/Just A Message/I'm Troubled In Mind/What A Friend We Have In Jesus/Beyond The Sunset 全25曲
67年1月ドン・レノとビル・ハレルのパートナーシップのスタートを記した16曲、71年5月の故レッド・スマイリー最後の録音となった7曲、そしてチャーリー・モンローの死の1ヶ月前、75年8月のデラウェアでのチャーリーのラスト・ライヴなど、ドン・レノのレアな音源をまとめたアルバムのCD化。上記 WANGO-112とあわせて、ドンの輝かしい足跡のなかでも異彩をはなつモニュメンタルな作品である。
●RUAL,RED & JOE 『Classic Bluegrass』 OH-4022 \2,950

East Bound Freight Train/The Kind Of Love I Can't Forget/Why Do You Weep/Dear Old Dixie/Dreaming Of A Little Cabin/Prison Walls of Love/Amazing Grace/The Fall/Seven Year Blues/Someone's Last Day/Sleepy-eyed Joe/Way Upon The Mountain/Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain/Liberty/There's Power In The Blood/Sally Goodwin/The Soldier's Return/Will You Wait For Me/I'm Getting Ready/The Little White Church 全20曲

●RALPH STANLEY & THE CLINCH MOUNTAIN BOYS featuring JAMES KING 『Stanley Brothers Classics』 WANGO-103 \2,750
Don't Go Out Tonight/Another Night/Our Last Goodbye/It's Never Too Late/Let Me Be Your Friend/Poison Lies/Loving You Too Well/Nobody's Love Is Like Mine/Baby Girl/Lonesome Without You/Trust Eacch Other/What About You 全12曲
●SONNY OSBORNE 『The Early Recordings Of Sonny Osborne 1952-1953 Vol.1』 CR-1042 \2,750
Sunny Mountain Chimes/Baby Blue Eyes/Silver Rainbow/Rose Of Old Kentucky/Hand Me Down My Wlking Cane/Molly And Ten Brooks/Jesse James/I Cried Again/When The Golden Leaves Begin To Fall/Gun Powder/Sugar Coated Love/Uncle Pen/Blue Waves/Swanee River 全14曲
●SONNY OSBORNE 『The Early Recordings Of Sonny Osborne 1952-1953 Vol.2』 CR-1043 \2,750
Wildwood Flower/Aild Lang Syne/Mule Skinner Blues/Sunny Mountain Breakdown/Train/Banjo Boy Chimes/Life Won't Be The Same/We'll Meet Again Sweetheart/Pain In My Heart/White House Blues/Raw Hide/Cumberland Gap/Cabin Home On The Hill/Cripple Creek 全14曲
●SONNY OSBORNE 『The Early Recordings Of Sonny Osborne 1952-1953 Vol.3』 CR-1044 \2,750
Brother In Korea/Old Crossroad/That Fatal Day/Letter From My Darling/I'm Gonna Leave You/Mend This Heart Of Mine/River Of Death/I'll Never Forget/The Old Home Town/Blue Eyed Angel/Cotten Eyed Joe/I'll Meet You In Church Sunday Morning/Get In Line Brother/Ragged Bill 全14曲

●CHARLIE MONROE 『Charlie Monroe's Boys』 OH-4133 \2,950

Once I Had A Darling Mother/No Home,No Place To Pillow My Head/Farther Along/When The World's On Fire/Take Me Back To The Valley/Happy Spirit/The Great Speckled Bird/Sweet Fern/Every Time I Feel The Spirit/You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone/Oh Death/Guided By Love/If You See My Savior/From Shore To Shore/Is She Praying There?/Joy Bells In My Soul/Just One Year/Black Sheep/Grave At The Foot Of The Mountain/I See A Bright Light Shining/Sweetheart I Love You Best/What Became Of That Picture/They Didn't Believe It Was True/Valley Of Peace/Our Mansion Is Ready/You'd Better Be Somewhere Praying 全26曲
●MAC WISEMAN WITH THE SHENANDOAH CUT-UPS 『New Traditions Volume one』 CR-1067 \2,750
Georgia Waltz/Knoxville Girl/I Haven't Got The Right To Love You/Going To See My Baby/Little White Church/Footprints In The Snow/Crazy Blues/Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die/When The Roses Bloom/Black Sheep/Let Me Borrow Your Heart/What A Waste Of Good Corn Liquor 全12曲
ファースト・ジェネレーションの存在感を今なお示し続けるマック・ワイズマンが、トラッド一直線シェナンドー・カッタップス――ビリー・エドワーズ(bj)、テイター・テイト(f)、ジョン・パーマー(bs)―― と共演したアルバム。
●ROY LEE CENTERS 『The Early Years, Volume One』 CR-1024 \2,750
Worried Man/Shady Grove/It's Not Right/You're Always Welcome/Home,Sweet Home/God Gave You To Me/I Can't Get You Out Of My Mind/Little Birdie/Wildwood Flower/Constant Sorrow/Cumberland Gap/Tears On My Pillow/How I Long To Change Your Name 全13曲

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